M.2 24-Channel Digital I/O with Change-of-State (COS)

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The M.2-DIO-24S is a 2260/2280 size M.2 Card and optional cable assembly (D-Sub 37-pin Male connector) designed to be easily panel-mounted in any application environment. It uses the high speed PCI Express bus to transfer digital data to and from the card. The digital I/O is compatible with 8255 PPI chips making it easy to program.

The card provides three 8-bit I/O ports designated A, B and C. Port C can be further divided into two 4-bit nybbles. Each port can be programmed as inputs or outputs. Change of State (COS) detection and interrupt capabilities are designed to relieve software from polling routines that can consume valuable processing time. Each port can be programmed for detecting state changes on their lines, in which any changes of the enabled port’s bits (low-to-high or high-to-low) will generate an IRQ. An ISR (interrupt service routine) then determines which bit changed state and clears the interrupt.

The M.2-DIO-24S is excellent for use in applications sensing inputs such as switch closures, 5V, LVTTL, CMOS logic and controlling external relays, driving indicator lights, and more.

Interface M.2 2260/2280 with B & M key
Number of DIO 24
Compatibility 8255 Mode 0
Performance 1 μs per 32-bit transaction max, ∼3.5μs in  Windows®
Digital Inputs Logic High: 2.0V to VCCIO (3.3VDC, 5VDC tolerant)
Logic Low 0V to 0.8V
Digital Outputs
(Standard version)
Logic High: 2.0V (min) 24mA source
Logic Low: 0.55V (max) 24mA sink
Power Output: +3.3 VDC via 0.5A polyfuse (resetting)
CMOS w/user VCCIO 1.65V to 5.5V (At DB37M, via polyfuse)
Digital Outputs
(-TTL Option)
Logic High: 3.8V (min) 32mA UVCCIO = 4.5V
Logic Low: 0.55V (max) 32mA UVCCIO = 4.5V
Power Required +3.3VDC @ 330ma (typical)
Operating temperature 0°C to 70degC (standard)
-40ºC to +85ºC (Add -T)
Operating humidity 5% to 95% noncondensing
Weight 5.8g
Model Description
M.2-DIO-24S M.2 24 Digital I/O with Change-of-State (CoS) IRQ
M.2-DIO-24 M.2 24 Digital I/O
Option: -T -40ºC to +85ºC
Option: -TTL for CMOS signaling w/user supplied VCCIO (+5V)