mPCIe 4-port Isolated RS-232 serial

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The mPCIe-ICM232 family of cards feature high performance 16C950-class UARTs. Available in 4-port (mPCIe-ICM232-4) and 2-port (mPCIe-ICM232-2) versions, each port is capable of communication speeds up to 921.6kbps and has 128-byte deep transmit and receive FIFOs which protect against data loss in multitasking operating systems, reduce CPU utilization, and improve data throughput. The advanced integrated circuit with pre-scalar supports a wide variety of custom baud rates, and any rates not otherwise achievable can be supported via a custom factory-installed crystal oscillator.

The RS232 ports provided by the card are 100% compatible with every other industry-standard serial COM device, supporting TX, RX, RTS, and CTS. In addition, they provide Tru-Iso™ port-to-port and port-to-PC isolation.

Communication is possible either with custom application software, with off-the-shelf applications (such as HyperTerminal), or with provided samples and utilities, including WinRISC™ (“Windows Really Incredibly Simple Communication).

The serial ports on the device are accessed using a low-profile, latching, 5-pin Hirose connector. Optional breakout cables are available, and bring each port connection to a panel-mountable DB9-M with an industry compatible RS232 pin-out.

Model Description
mPCIe-ICM232-4 mPCIe 4-port Isolated RS-232 serial
mPCIe-ICM232-2 mPCIe 2-port Isolated RS-232 serial
Model Description
CAB-mPCIe-ICM4 Four port DB9 male cable accessory kit
CAB-mPCIe-ICM4-IP67 Four port DB9 IP67 male cable accessory kit
CAB-mPCIe-ICM2 Two port DB9 male cable accessory kit
CAB-mPCIe-ICM2-IP67 Two port DB9 IP67 male cable accessory kit
ADAP9 Screw terminal adapter (single DB9 female to 9 screw terminals)
mPCIe-HDW-KIT2 2mm mounting hardware kit
mPCIe-HDW-KIT2.5 2.5mm mounting hardware kit