Year 2021
March 2021

Boson for Framos offers seamless AI-Vision deployment with integrated software & hardware

March 05, 2021

Designed specifically for NVIDIA® Jetson™ Nano and Jetson Xavier NX edge AI applications, Boson for FRAMOS is an all-in-one board-level solution that integrates the FRAMOS Sensor Module Ecosystem directly to the carrier board for production deployment of Jetson solutions.

Using Boson for FRAMOS, customers ready to migrate their applications from the NVIDIA Jetson developer kits to a production environment benefit from a significant size reduction advantage along with double the number of interfaces (four 2-lane or three 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 connectors), dramatically increasing the throughput for advanced AI vision applications. Direct camera integration to the carrier board eliminates the need for an adapter board and decreases the overall hardware stack height. Boson for FRAMOS comes standard with software hooks in the board support package that automatically connects select cameras in the FRAMOS Sensor Module Ecosystem to NVIDIA’s JetPack SDK to minimize software development requirements.