Year 2017
June 2017

VENUS Rugged 3.5" SBC with 2.6GHz Intel® Skylake 6th Gen. Core i7/i5 Processor

June 02, 2017

Diamond Systems has unveiled VENUS™, believed to be the very first rugged small form factor single-board-computer (SBC) based on the Intel® “Skylake” 6th Generation Core i7/i5 processor. Venus offers the highest available CPU performance in a small form factor rugged SBC with modest power consumption. Venus features DDR4 memory soldered on board, bottom side conduction cooling, two PCIe Minicard sockets, in the 3.5” embedded form factor. Venus is available in two models, the high performance 2.6GHz i7 version (VNS766-4GD) and a lower cost 2.4GHz i5 model (VNS563-4GD).