PC/104 48-ch DIO with 10 Counter/Timers

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GPIO-MM is a FPGA-based digital I/O module, allowing multiple feature sets to be implemented on the same hardware platform. The FPGA is a Xilinx Spartan 2 RAM-based device with 200K gates (XC2S200). An on-board configuration flash memory device stores the FPGA code for automatic loading on power-up, and new code can be downloaded using a JTAG cable connected to a PC. Several standard off the shelf personalities are available, and custom ones can be developed either by users with Xilinx tools or by Diamond as a customization service.

Base FPGA Xilinx Spartan II, 200,000 gates, 40K RAM bits
Input Clock 40MHz
FPGA Code Storage Flash memory, field upgradeable via JTAG
ID Indicator 8-bit LED display indicates FPGA code personality
No. of I/O pins 100 pins (48 buffered)
Programmable Digital I/O 48 using 8255 cores
Fixed Direction I/O 8 fixed inputs and 8 fixed outputs
Counter/Timers 10 16-bit, using 9513 cores
Max counting frequency 40MHz
Counter modes Counter, rate/square-wave generator, pulse-width modulator, programmable one-shot, hardware/software triggered strobe
Output Current, Buffered I/O Logic 0: 64mA max per line
Output Current, Fixed I/O & Fixed Counter/Timers ±24mA max.
Dimensions 90 x 96 mm
PC/104 bus 16-bit stackthrough ISA bus
Power Supply +5VDC ±5%
Operating Temperature -40 to +85°C
Model Description
GPIO-MM-XT PC/104 48-ch. DIO with 10 Counters/Timers