PC/104 16 Opto-Isolated input with 16 Relay Outputs

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OPMM-1616 is a PC/104 digital I/O module designed for industrial applications requiring isolation between the computer and the external signals it is monitoring and controlling.

The OPMM-1616 features 16 opto-isolated digital inputs and 16 relay outputs. Each input has an input range of 0-30VDC. OPMM-1616 can be configured to generate an interrupt when any input changes state. Either or both banks of 8 inputs can be configured for interrupt operation. One 34-pin I/O header is used for the opto-isolated inputs.

The 16 relay outputs are SPDT format (form C). Each relay has 3 contacts: Common, Normally Open, and Normally Closed. For safety and reliability, all relays are at their power-off state at power-up or system reset. Each relay can switch both AC and DC voltages. Two 26-pin I/O headers are used for the relay outputs with 8 relays on each pin header. The relays have long lifetime (10,000,000 operations) and quick actuation time (5ms max operate and release, break before make).

OPMM-1616 provides isolation on its input and output lines. The board will withstand up to 500V DC or AC difference in potential between the I/O lines and the rest of the board’s circuitry. Each input and output channel on Opal-MM-1616 is completely independent and does not share any signal trace with any other channel. Therefore, every channel is isolated from every other channel.

Number of Inputs 16 unidirectional opto-isolated inputs
Input Capacity 30VDC with current limiting resistors
Input Impedance 8k ohms
Logic Levels Logic 0: 0 – 1.5VDC
Logic 1: 3 – 30VDC
Programmability Programmable edge detection with interrupts
Number of Relay Outputs 16 relay outputs
Relay Contacts SPDT (Form C) contacts
Break before make
Current Capacity 2A
Switching Capacity 30VDC at 2A
125VAC at 0.1A resistive
Max. Switching Capacity 30W (DC)
Contact Resistance 50 mOhms max.
Actuation Time Operate: 5ms max.
Release: 5ms max.
Relay Lifetime 10,000,000 operations
Isolation (all I/O) 500VDC or AC, input to board or board to output
Channel to Channel Isolation
Power Supply +5VDC ±5%
Current Consumption 70mA typical, all relays off; additional 28mA per activated relay
Form factor 90 x 96 mm
Operating Temperature -40 to +85°C
Model Description
OPMM-1616-XT PC/104 16 Opto-Isolated input with 16 Relay Outputs