PC/104 16 SPDT Relays (Pin Header)

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PMM is a PC/104 format industrial control module with 16 relays. The relays have PDT (form C) configuration. Each relay has 3 contacts: Common, Normally Open, and Normally Closed. For safety and reliability, all relays are in their power-off state (Common connected to Normally Closed) at power-up or system reset. The relays can switch both AC and DC voltages. They feature long life (100,000,000 operations), quick actuation time (4ms max operate and release), and isolation (500V AC or DC).

No. of Outputs 16
Relay Type SPDT (Form C)
Max. Voltage/Current DC: 0VDC/2A 60W (DC), 60VA (AC)
AC: 125VAC/0.5A resistive
Max. Switching Capacity 220VDC, 250VAC
Max. Operating Voltage 10mA @ 10mVDC
Contact Resistance 100 mOhms Max
Relay Lifetime 100,000,000 operations
Actuation Time 4ms max operate or release
Isolation (all I/O) 500VDC or AC, channel-to-channel and channel-to-board
Power Supply +5VDC ±5%
Operating Temperature -40 to +85°C
Model Description
PMM-P PC/104 16 SPDT Relays (Pin Header)