PCIe/104 to M.2 Adapter

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PCIe-M.2 allows for the implementation of two next generation of M.2 form factor expansion modules.  Supported cards are typically B/B&M (SATA, SSD, or Cellular Devices), and/or E/A&E (WiFi or PCIe x1 Devices) key types.

To accommodate the various types of M.2 devices, there are are several versions of the PCIe-M2.  Please refer to the table in Ordering Guide for more information the type of M.2 modules supported and the typical devices used with each slot.

Host Interfaces USB 2.0, PCIe x1 (E/A&E), SATA (B/B&M)
Available Configurations Dependent on M.2 modules:
– 2x B/B&M
– 1x B/B&M, 1x E/A&E
– 2x E/A&E
Supported M.2 Dimensions Width: 22mm, 16.5mm, 20mm
Length: 30mm, 42mm, 60mm, 80mm
Dimensions 90 x 96 mm
Module Lengths Accepts 2230, 2242, 2260 and 2280 length modules
Bus PCIe/104
Temperature -40 to +85°C
Operating Systems Windows, Linux
(Contingent on availability of M.2 card manufacturer-provided driver)


Model Description
ADG092 PCIe/104 to M.2 Adapter supporting 2x B/B&M
ADG093 PCIe/104 to M.2 Adapter supporting 2x E/A&E
ADG094 PCIe/104 to M.2 Adapter supporting 1x B/B&M and 1x E/A&E


Below table highlights the different versions of PCIE-M.2 …